Preserving our planet

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of today without preventing future generations from meeting theirs. We all have a role to play in protecting the environment and natural resources.

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Commitment No. 1: Working with WWF; a key environmental player


WWF France and the Club "Entreprendre pour la Planète" (Doing Business for the Planet)

WWF France is an independent global environmental organisation active in more than 100 countries.

With its mass support of over 6 million members, WWF France works to:

  • Put a stop to the degradation of the planet’s natural environment.
  • Build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
  • Conserve global biodiversity.
  • Ensure the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.
  • Promote pollution and waste reduction.

Companies and their stakeholders are increasingly aware of the need to behave responsibly and the benefits associated with doing so.

A company's impact on the society in which it operates and on the environment has become a critical component in measuring its overall performance and its ability to continue to operate effectively. All business activities depend at one time or another on the state of the planet's ecosystems.

Extract from the "Entreprendre pour la Planète" charter

Photos credits : Panda © Brad Josephs & Forest © Shutterstock / Dr Morley Read / WWF-Sweden

Educating children on the protection of biodiversity

In order to improve our contribution to the protection of the environment and to defend a nature that is now threatened, we have decided to join forces with one of the key environmental players: WWF to create sustainable toys. The aim of this collaborative project is to educate children on the importance of environmental protection by transmitting key messages regarding the preservation of biodiversity in a fun and entertaining way. Today’s children will be the major environmental protection players in a few year’s time; that is why it is so crucial to pass on our love of nature and the need for its protection right now.


A 100%-sustainable collection was created in 2021

A 36-product range, developed with responsibly-sourced materials (FSC® wood, FSC® or recycled cardboard, organic cotton, etc.) for children aged 0-7 years.

The Juratoys Group will donate a percentage of the proceeds from every WWF product sold to support the actions of this NGO.

More information about this partnership in our catalogue !

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Commitment No. 2: Promoting responsibly-sourced materials

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FSC®-certified wood is used to manufacture our toys

The FSC®* certification system is an environmental ecolabel which ensures that wooden products come from responsibly managed forests. As a result, it guarantees the legality of the resource’s exploitation and the absence of any links to deforestation, in addition to biodiversity conservation.

*Forest Stewardship Council ®


In 2021, FSC®-certified wood accounts for 25% of all wood used in our wood and cardboard collections. By 2025, we aim to increase the amount of FSC® wood used in our toys to 70%.

Since Winter 2019, all the wood and cardboard used in the Lilliputiens collections has been sourced from responsibly managed forests.

More about FSC®

Using organic cotton for our soft toys

The organic cotton chosen for the “Petits Pas" ("A Small Step for Nature”) KALOO range, meets the highest and most comprehensive textile industry standard: from planting to dyeing. In order to be certified organic, cotton is cultivated using natural fertilisers and without any GMOs or chemical pesticides.

Eco-friendly cotton can now also be found in a small range of LILLIPUTIENS newborn products.

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Recycled polyester stuffing for our soft toys and comforters

As of 2020, all the stuffing used in the KALOO and LILLIPUTIENS collections is made from 100% polyester fibres obtained from recycled plastic bottles. The stuffing is GRS-compliant (Global Recycled Standard) and certified by the Control Union body. This is part of our commitment to develop more environmentally friendly toys, whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

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An eco-friendly range for Lilliputiens

The Belgian brand is expanding its eco-friendly range, initiated at the end of 2020 with its musical cuddles, and is welcoming lovely play mats, cuddly toys, small rattles to awaken babies and other soft toys to adopt. A universe of play and discovery 100% soft, healthy and safe. The colored and printed fabrics all have AZO FREE certification, which guarantees the non-toxicity of the dyes used.

Toys and wooden parts are FSC®-certified, the paints are water-based and 100% recycled filing (GRS certification).

Discover the Lilliputiens eco-friendly range
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Commitment No. 3: Saying “stop” to waste!

We are reducing our packaging

We make our packaging as compact as possible and amend the existing ones as we go. We strive to gradually and optimally replace all the plastic materials in our packaging with new alternatives, such as biodegradable or recycled materials.

Most plastics are derived from petrochemicals (chemicals derived from petroleum) and therefore, have an impact on our environment. Furthermore, the plastic found in nature - and most especially the oceans - is a major source of pollution. This has prompted us to do what we can to limit these impacts.

One example of how we are reducing our environmental impact is by replacing PET packaging with cardboard packaging.
Stat emballage

Since January 2020, we have removed all the plastic elements found in our packaging of 127 JANOD items, i.e. around 950 000 pieces sold per year.

Stat 55 tonnes

For all the pieces sold of these 127 items, that's 5.5 tonnes of plastic less per year!

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As of January 2021, all plastic (PET bags used as inner and outer protective packaging) will be removed from all JANOD puzzle boxes.

Extending the life cycle of toys

Janod provides you with spare parts to repair toys and give them a second lease of life.
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Commitment No. 4: Reducing our carbon footprint

Pillars low carbon

Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint

As the first pillar of our low-carbon approach, we decided to calculate our carbon footprint. During 2019 - across the entire value chain for the JANOD and KALOO brands - we generated 6,600 tonnes of CO2e.

This analysis allowed us to identify areas for improvement consistent with the already-underway CSR approach, namely by means of the following courses of action: favouring recycled materials, most especially as far as textiles are concerned ; avoiding waste by reducing the size of our packaging ; reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging ; favouring more eco-friendly modes of transport...

Scopes EN

Only companies with more than 500 employees are currently required to measure their carbon footprint (scopes 1 and 2) every 4 years. The scope considered for the calculation is of the utmost importance, as it may or may not take into account significant sources of emissions. At Juratoys, we chose to include scopes 1, 2 and 3 in order to obtain a fuller picture of our actual impact.

A collective approach

We also believe that our employees are the pillars of the company’s low-carbon approach, as they are the ones that bear the weight of it on a daily basis through their profession and their values.

We believe that each individual must take action, beyond the company itself; therefore, we decided to let each member of staff experience the importance of a carbon footprint first-hand, by allowing them to measure their own carbon footprints.


Reforestation in partnership with KINOME and ONF: educational and solidarity plantations

We contribute to carbon sequestration & we give younger generations the opportunity to do their part for the environment right now; they are encouraged to get their hands dirty by planting trees, in order to discover all the forest has to offer and their own potential as Earth citizens. This is done in solidarity with young people from Southern countries who are participating in a similar development. It aims to inspire adults to want to do the same!

This programme is organised nationally and internationally by major players.

The Forest & Life program, it's :

Stat 4 preserver

Is the year the “La forêt des enfants” (The Children’s Forest) was launched.

100 000

The number of trees planted by children.

25 000

The number of children involved in the programme.

“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Proverb

Why is JANOD commited to young people and the forest ?

To prepare tomorrow’s world for our children, by making a concrete contribution to environmental protection and offsetting our impact on the environment (because most of our products are made of wood).

To give meaning: Group employees accompanied the children from volunteer classes to replant trees.

To make our audiences aware of the urgent need to act: Parents, Grandparents and Children alike.

Would you like to know more about this initiative?

We are also committed to solidarity

Discover how we have supported the Juratoys partners’ solidarity associations and players.