About Us

We are a group committed to children and their development, in addition to advocates of various values, such as children’s development through play and the protection of the environment in which they will grow up. Preserving tomorrow's world for our children. With sweetness, joy and kindness.

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The JURATOYS Group’s core value :

Engage in a process of progress for a better world where our children will grow up.

A sentence that symbolises our company and must be reflected, day after day, in both our actions and decisions.
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What does collective play mean ?

It means to contribute, day after day, to give strength, meaning and life to what brings us together and makes us a unique group.

  • We are creators of toys and therefore, must also be agents of change.
  • We have a duty to be kind and attentive to all our stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers, employees and last but not least, nature; whose resources enable us to manufacture toys and soft toys.
  • It is important to do our job with joy and pleasure.

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Our CSR vision

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) incorporates all of an organisation’s practices regarding the company’s sustainable development. At JURATOYS, this translates into the desire to identify and take responsibility for one’s impact on society and the environment but also to report it. This is also reflected in the strive to optimise the company’s activities and products, in addition to its commitment to an improvement process.

CSR is an all-encompassing aspect ; it affects all of us ! That means that you too have a role to play.

Our commitments

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Our toys have superpowers... including the ability to last for a very long time ! And that is good for the planet !


Since in order to successfully achieve these goals, there must be a dedicated, motivated team behind it all.

Since our actions today influence our children’s future, the JURATOYS Group wanted to play its part by reducing its environmental footprint and lobbying for a better social policy.

Furthermore, as actions speak louder than words, we would like to share each of the small achievements we have made, in keeping with the fable of the hummingbird.

This is because we favour and will always opt first and foremost for more sustainable materials, i.e. long-lasting ones that have a lower environmental impact.

We also know that we’ve still got some progress to make but we are fully committed to this process and want you to join us every step of the way.