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Tip No.1: Janod balance bikes

3, 2, 1, go! Children want to do like the grown-ups and when they are not yet pedalling, the best solutions are dandy horses and ride-on toys! They develop their balance and gain self-confidence to easily learn how to ride a bicycle when they will be older! For those who want to go out in style, Janod offers lots of accessories, such as baskets or horns to customise hobby horses. Don't forget to equip your children with helmets so that they can safely have fun!

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Plein Air

Tip No.2: Janod Outdoor games...

Once the sun starts to come out, children have only one thought: let's go outside and enjoy the outdoors, unwind and expend nothing but positive energy! To enjoy it to the max, there nothing better than riding balance bikes, while wearing a helmet of course! Balance bikes help children to develop their balance. For outdoor play, Janod also offers a large selection of wooden outdoor games, such as bowling, croquet and angling, and for little ones who love to imitate grown-ups in the garden, Janod has developed a children's gardening range with wheelbarrow, shovel and other watering cans.

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Catégorie Moveyour Body 555x371

... or Lilliputiens' !

Play together to connect that’s what life is all about! With this new range of games, you will rediscover fair play and have a good laugh as you move about. In a group, on your own, used separately or in succession,
these games are illustrated with 4 of our favourite characters, for a harmonized design over the entire collection.

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Catégorie En Route 555x371

Tip No.3: Lilliputiens bags & accessories

Backpacking means being ready! To meet the demanding temperament of your backpackers, we have designed this sturdy luggage collection, with ergonomics and waterproofing commensurate for toddlers. We offer surprising travelling companions for them at the start of the nursery or primary school year or when travelling! Because every adventurer is a child at heart.

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Formes couleurs

Tip No.4: Shapes & Colours

Recognising shapes and colours is the first thing little ones learn, making parents proud everywhere. To make memorisation easier, here is a selection of games that will enable children to easily acquire these notions.

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