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In this quest for the best for your children, we will be at your side day after day.

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Make informed toy choices: our tips

Whether it’s a question of educational toys or the use of responsible materials, we are at your side to help you find the right toy.

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Commitment No. 9: Creating educational toys

Our commitment to education and child development

Much more than just a toy

Play is an essential learning process for children. It promotes physical, cognitive and emotional development. Through play, your child discovers materials, memorises sounds and marvels at shapes and colours, thus constructing their own representations of the world. By using the objects in an unusual way - i.e. a way that differs from their original purpose - they also develop their imagination and creativity.

“Building self-confidence through play.”

Early-learning activities that do not over-stimulate or excessively quench your child’s thirst for learning, will give them security, happiness and confidence. It is by respecting their preferences and letting them explore and experiment freely, that your child develops their skills, builds self-esteem and boosts their confidence levels.

“Children are born with a vital need to play in order to come into contact with the world around them. By playing, they establish their social and emotional health. As their play experiences grow, children build self-esteem and self-worth, in addition to an awareness of their body followed by their being and their limits, thus creating an internal security from their new-found independence.”

Sophie Marinopoulos - Psychoanalyst

A social being

From the day they are born, your child craves exchanges. When they are little, this may be in the form of asking to hold your hand, hugs, smiles and sweet words that will help them wake up with confidence. When they get bigger, they might watch what you do, eat the same food as you or imitate other children, tending to repeat the same gestures over and over again to perfect their talents.

JANOD is here for you

In this quest for the best for your children, JANOD's team will be at your side on a daily basis. The team invents games suited to different ages, chooses the most pleasing materials and colours and specifies the skills required, in order to make games that are not just games, but catalysts for joy and sharing.

Tips for you!

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“To play is not to strive for a specific goal, but to be open to the unexpected.” Patrice Huerre

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Commitment No. 10: Guaranteeing reliability and safety for our consumers

How can a child’s safety be guaranteed?

The quality and safety of our toys are our top priorities. All our games and toys comply with the regulatory requirements described in the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, as evidenced by the CE logo affixed to our products. As such, the products are subjected to a risk analysis and rigorous testing. Before launching new products, our toys are tested to ensure they are 100% safe and we regularly check that our products comply with the EN71 harmonised toy safety standards via accredited partner laboratories (SGS).

Each batch produced is inspected according to international standards. Each production is checked for product conformity and quality. Furthermore, random checks are then carried out when our warehouses receive these batches.

What safe materials are used when making toys?

All the wooden surfaces of our products are painted or varnished with acrylics (formerly called water-based paint). Water-based paints do what it says on their tin, i.e. their solvent is mainly composed of water. They contain a mixture of acrylic resin-bound pigments and an additive. The varnishes used on our products are also transparent water-based paints.

Furthermore, we ensure that our products comply with the REACH regulations, which regulate the use of chemicals that may have a negative impact on health and the environment. At Lilliputiens, the coloured and printed fabrics all bear an AZO FREE certificate, which guarantees that all the dyes we use are non-toxic. As a result, all of our brands guarantee that our toys do not endanger the health of children.

Partners you can trust

Before entering into a partnership with a new supplier, our teams check that the same is ethically reliable, e.g. that the supplier complies with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) programme or ITCI (International Council of Toy Industries) which ensure that working conditions are in accordance with human rights laws. At Janod and Kaloo, a Charter of Ethics is integrated into the contractual conditions. Whilst at Lilliputiens, we have implemented a “code of conduct” which is signed annually by each supplier.

“Ultra-high-quality wooden toys which hold up well over time and appeal to children and parents alike. A recognised and reassuring brand!”

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