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Jeux de rapidité et stratégie

Tip No.1: Janod speed & strategy games

What could be better than a board game to enjoy great family time? With Janod speed games, games are likely to end in fits of laughter, so stay concentrated to prevent from being passed! Should you opt for a strategy game, stay mentally sharp and try to be more clever than your opponent!

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Tip No.2: Lilliputiens books

Reading time is special. Particularly when the evening story turns into an activity: reading, curling, zipping, ... Cloth book or cardboard book? As many flips and flaps as there are stories to discover. And as of what age can we let our child enjoy the benefits of reading? From the stimulation book to the bath book, discover colourful characters, sounds and materials to titillate the imagination of every child, whatever their age.

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Jeux de parcours

Tip No.3: Janod Racing board games

What could be better than a board game to enjoy great family time? Janod racing games are games where you will need to face traps and surprises to try to be the first to reach the finish line! Children will learn patience and tenacity!

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Tip No.4: Lilliputiens outdoor games

Play together to connect that’s what life is all about! With this new range of games, you will rediscover fair play and have a good laugh as you move about. In a group, on your own, used separately or in succession,
these games are illustrated with 4 of our favourite characters, for a harmonized design over the entire collection.

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Cuisines dînettes et marchandes

Tip No.5: Janod kitchens, dinnerwares & accessories

Children love to imitate grown-ups! One of their favourite pastimes is to cook! Pasta gratin, tarts or salads… what will your little one prepare for you? Janod wooden kitchens provide great levels of functionality: some include sound and light features, with several accessories, as well as customisation to create your own kitchen, just like the grown-ups!

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Tip No.5: Lilliputiens dolls

Discover all our fabric and colorful babies. They are suitable for each age and for our 36 cm babies (Noa, Lou and Rose), you will find many accessories!

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