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Imitation Métiers 2

Tip No.1: Janod Career make-believe

Children love playing make-believe to show what they know how to do! Some of their favourite games include playing doctor, shopkeeper and cook. Offer your child something even more industries, with job make-believe toys. They will develop their creativity and their imagination. They will also learn to play with others.

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Catégorie Little Chef 555x371

Tip No.2: Lilliputiens Little Chef range

Parent-child complicity is on the menu with our Little Chef range! Between the recipes for cookies, pancake batter and other cakes and our utensils adapted for little hands, cooking lovers finally have their reference. Thanks to our healthy or gourmet recipe books inhabited by our characters, cooking with the family is child’s play and sheer pleasure!

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Véhicules garages et voitures

Tip No.3: Vehicles, garages & cars

Beep beep! Little wooden cars and trucks are definite must-have toys for children! From the age of 2 years and up, let your little children practice with one of these vehicles, ready to dash along the track! Your baby may then explore the joy of racing. Babies can even set off on an adventure to explore the world around them, which is perfect for developing motor skills!

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Etablis outils et bricolage

Tip No.4: Workbenches & tool kits

It's fantastic to imitate dad and mum doing odd jobs! Janod's DIY range gives children aged 18 months and up the chance to practise handling a hammer, screwdriver and spanner! All Janod wooden toys are provided with many accessories and are brimming with ingenious features.

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Catégorie Je Grandis 555x371

Tip No.5: Lilliputiens Imagination & imitation games

Now’s the time to want to act like the grown-ups! We all get caught up in the imitation game; we invent and learn in a fun way! Our toys - ranging from vehicles to Native American teepees and mini characters - are ideal for girls and boys aged 2 to 6 years.

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Catégorie Dolls 555x371

Tip No.6: Lilliputiens dolls

Discover all our fabric and colorful babies. They are suitable for each age and for our 36 cm babies (Noa, Lou and Rose), you will find many accessories!

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