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Corporate social responsibility is not only a commitment for the planet, but also for its inhabitants. Juratoys Group, through its societal actions, is willing to contribute to more solidarity towards the most deprived and to support associations which take care of the little ones.

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Commitment No. 5 : Be responsible and solidary

Giving to those in need

Since 2017, the JANOD and KALOO brands have been supporting the Dons Solidaires association by offering games and toys to disadvantaged families. Dons Solidaires offers donation as an alternative to destroying unsold items and allows the company to fulfil its societal mission.

Because the toy is a symbol of learning - i.e. moments of giving and receiving - we believe that every child should be able to experience these moments...

In France, the industry destroys 5 times more than it gives

More than 330 associations benefited from the ‘NOËL POUR TOUS’ (Christmas for Everyone) programme since our partnership with DONS SOLIDAIRES.

186 790 products have been donated by Juratoys to date (resulting in just as many happy children).

"Dons Solidaires is an essential partner for us; the organisation allows us to commit to solidarity by helping those in need, in addition to sustainable development, by reducing waste. We also get a kick out of the teams’ professionalism and the chance to meet some of the children during specific events, such as the day organised in July 2019 to celebrate 15 years of Dons Solidaires with 200 beneficiary children in attendance."

Ludovic Martin - CEO of the Juratoys group
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, in July 2019, Dons Solidaires organised a giant tea party for more than 200 children in the gardens of the British Embassy in Paris.
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Commitement No 6 : Support associations

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Petit Cœur de Beurre

KALOO has been supporting the Petit Cœur de Beurre association since 2017. Petit Coeur de Beurre raises public awareness of congenital heart disease and works on a daily basis to improve the quality of life of young patients and their families.

For the 5th year running, Kaloo is committed to bringing comfort and tenderness to babies and children with heart defects by donating comforters that will accompany them throughout their treatment and beyond the hospital.

1 in 100 children are born with a congenital heart disease in France. Kaloo therefore sponsors the Petit Cœur de Beurre association, whose ‘fairy godmother’ is Natasha St Pier. What is their aim you ask? To take action to improve, optimise and support the daily lives of people born with a heart defect and their families.
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Mon 1er Super Héros (My 1st Superheroes)

My 1st Superheroes” is a tenderness-filled product that has been specifically co-created in collaboration with the “Petit Cœur de Beurre” Association and illustrator Marie Savart.

The detachable cape can be permeated with parents’ scents and has been designed to reassure baby in their absence. To avoid any tears, the cape can be reattached to the Superhero’s shoulders when the parents are away.

A percentage of the sales has also been donated to the association.

As Kaloo is, above all, a brand that speaks to little ones and older children with its message of gentleness, it is the perfect sponsor for the association, as it wants to support and bring comfort and tenderness to babies and children living with a heart defect.

All our employees are committed to raising the Petit Coeur de Beurre’s profile on social networks; the most recent example of which was December 2021 and February 2022 for communication operations.

Mobilising for Early Childhood

Since 2017 - for JANOD - and since 2021 - for KALOO - we have been official partners of the Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance (France’s National Early Childhood Week): a week of mobilisation centred around a theme defined each year with games and stories for children aged 0 to 3 years old, without forgetting all the early childhood professionals who work on a daily basis and, of course, the parents !

2021 saw record participation levels, despite the covid crisis, with more than 6,700 host centres being registered throughout France (social centres, cultural places, childcare centres, community centre, etc.), with 426,000 children, families and 120,000 professionals !

This event is under the patronage of the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity and the French Ministry of Culture.

Inclusive artistic awakening event with the SNPE - Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Our shared common values

  • The importance of play as a learning process
  • Kindness
  • To ensure that each child has access to early-learning opportunities and are given the chance to optimally develop their skills.
Make a wish

Making sick children's dreams come true

In 2022, JANOD is partnering with Make-A-Wish France to make sick children’s, aged from to 3 to 18, wildest dreams come true. The association's mission is to show children that nothing is impossible.

On the 9th of April 2022, Make-A-Wish France, JANOD and 12 artists (painters, graphic designers, sculptors, sketch artists, etc.) met at the Carrousel du Louvre during the "Art shopping" trade show for an auction unlike any other. The event, sponsored by famous artist Richard ORLINSKI, saw 12 Janod wooden rockets (6x1 m pieces and 6x30 cm pieces) - customised by renowned artists who rallied together for this cause - being sold: Jean André, M.CHAT, Antoine Corbineau, DFT, Séverine Dietrich, Tom Haugomat, Jérôme Mesnager, Quentin Monge, Mosko, Richard Orlinski, Agathe Singer and ZoulliArt.

A grand total of €21,880 was raised to help get the children's most cherished dreams off the ground, in the hopes of providing a positive experience, filled with memories, hope, strength and the courage to keep fighting their illness. For more information, visit: www.makeawishfrance.org


Commitment No 7 : Put CSR at the heart of Juratoys employees daily actions

Our head office - located in Orgelet in the Jura region - and our local entities in Belgium (Saintes) are committed to improving our practices in both the office and our local community:

The Sustainable Development Weeks are organized for all the employees. For the 2nd edition, Juratoys planned several workshops and actions in connection with certain Sustainable Development objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Eating better, reducing energy consumption, rethinking the impacts of digital technology or creating circular economy frescoes... workshops will change each year to raise awareness among employees and provide the keys to act on their own scale.

The JURATOYS employees present “It’s your turn to Play” / A toi de jouer to encourage their colleagues to get on the volunteering bandwagon!

Commitment No 8 : Corporate Volunteering

"If volunteering is not paid, it is not because it is worhtless, but because it is priceless." [Sherry Anderson]

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Did you know ? Nearly 1 out of 4 French people is a volunteer, more than 100 million in Europe.

Juratoys encourages solidarity commitment for volunteer employees who would like to give one day a year for an association.

Corporate Employee Volunteering is a great way to discover new environments, various missions, to better know himself/herself or to connect with colleagues differently... but also the opportunity to share your know-how and your soft skills to take part in the public interest.

Following an internal survey (France and Belgium) about employees’ interest in getting involved and volunteering for local causes within JURATOYS, 94% answered YES! Thanks to a dedicated device, they can choose the action, format, duration and structure of their choice among identified partners.

Childhood, environment and animal causes are the top 3 most important topics within JURATOYS and employees main motivations are to contribute to a concrete action for the common good, to help people in need and / or to respond to a quest for meaning.

A toi de jouer ! won the votes for the name of this platform and was launched on May 2022.

Les salariés JURATOYS présentent "A toi de Jouer" pour donner envie à leurs collègues de rejoindre l'aventure du bénévolat !

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