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Commitment No. 5: To be responsible and show solidarity


Because giving is to be responsible and show solidarity, since 2017, the Juratoys Group has joined forces with Dons Solidaires to help children flourish. All of the group’s brands - namely Janod & Kaloo - support the Dons Solidaires association by donating games and toys, which are then redistributed to underprivileged families.
Because the toy is a symbol of learning - i.e. moments of giving and receiving - we believe that every child should be able to experience these moments.

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In France, the industry destroys 5 times more than it gives.

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347 associations benefited from the “NOËL POUR TOUS” (Christmas for Everyone) drive in 2019, organised by DONS SOLIDAIRES.

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140 526 products donated by Juratoys since the start of the collaboration (or 140 526 happy children).

“Dons Solidaires is an essential partner for our company, as it allows us to show solidarity by helping those in need, and helps us in our goal for sustainable development, by reducing waste. We appreciate the teams’ professionalism and the opportunity to meet children during one-off events, such as the day event organised in July 2019 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dons Solidaires, which was attended by 200 beneficiary children.”

Ludovic Martin - CEO of the Juratoys Group
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, in July 2019, Dons Solidaires organised a giant tea party for more than 200 children in the gardens of the British Embassy in Paris.

Several times a year and more poignantly, during the current health crisis, the Lilliputiens brand donated toys to cheer up and entertain children in the waiting rooms, nurseries and day-care centres of hospitals across Belgium.

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Action brings happiness!

The Lilliputiens team has got their heart set on the Blood Donation project.
On the 22nd of September 2020, the team organised the first in a long series of blood drives - made even more poignant by the current health crisis.

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Commitment No. 6: Supporting environmental associations and organisations

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Petit Cœur de Beurre

KALOO has supported the Petit Cœur de Beurre association for 3 years now. The brand has established a meaningful partnership in keeping with its values.

As Kaloo is, above all, a brand that speaks to little ones and older children with its message of gentleness, it is the perfect sponsor for the association, as it wants to support and bring comfort and tenderness to babies and children living with a heart defect.

1 in 100 children are born with a congenital heart disease in France. Kaloo therefore sponsors the Petit Cœur de Beurre association, whose ‘fairy godmother’ is Natasha St Pier. What is their aim you ask? To take action to improve, optimise and support the daily lives of people born with a heart defect and their families.
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My First Super Hero

This “sharing product” which is full of tenderness was developed in collaboration with the “Petit Cœur de Beurre” Association and Marie Savart, an illustrator. The detachable long magic cape can be permeated with parents’ scents and has been designed to reassure baby in their absence. To prevent any tears, the cape can be reattached to the Superhero’s shoulders when not in use.

See this product here.

€2 from every comforter purchased will be donated to the association.

Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance

Since 2017, the JANOD brand has been the official partner of the Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance (France’s National Early Childhood Week); a week-long campaign focused on education and parenting. In 2021, the KALOO brand become as well an official partner.

This event is supported by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health of the French Republic and the French Ministry of Culture.

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What exactly is the Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance ?

The private venues, community venues, municipalities and parenting centres that participate in the Semaine Nationale de la Petite Enfance (France’s National Early Childhood Week), bring together early childhood professionals and parents of children aged between 0 and 3 years, to help them learn how to stimulate their children’s early learning activities and development.

Throughout the week, every venue (childcare centres, childcare assistant centres, nursery schools, daycare centres, maternal and child protection centres and community centres) offer a wide range of educational, artistic and cultural events to the parents: early-learning games, themed installations, expert lighting, parent cafés, conferences, art exhibitions and film screenings.

Artistic awakening event with the Association - Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Our shared common values:

  • The importance of play as a learning process
  • Kindness
  • To ensure that each child has access to early-learning opportunities and are given the chance to optimally develop their skills
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Make a wish

Making their wildest dreams come true

Those who has never had the chance to make their wildest wish come true don't fully appreciate the impact it can have on a life. This is the goal of Make-A-Wish: to show children that nothing is impossible. Fulfilling their wish means showing seriously ill children that if we can do it, they can do it too! They can fight the disease, get better and return to having a normal childhood. From a really young age, we are taught to look to the stars and make a wish. We place all our hopes in this radiant point.

In 2020, Janod and Make-A-Wish France decided to join forces and align their stars to transform many lives together.

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Commitment No. 7: Putting CSR at the heart of the JURATOYS employees’ daily lives

  • Oh, such beautiful mugs & gourds! At the group’s headquarters in the Jura, France, disposable plastic cups have disappeared! Water filter taps were also been installed in the Lilliputiens offices to provide drinking water, without having to use plastic water bottles! Each member of staff has their own water bottle, cup and customised lunch bag which allows them to easily bring a packaging-free lunch to work.
  • We have set up waste sorting areas across the entire site.
  • We recycle and recover used ink cartridges: the group works with www.conibi.fr, an organisation that recycles and recovers ink cartridges. Printer cartridges - i.e. complex manufactured goods - are consumables with a relatively short lifecycle.
  • We have set up beehives at the headquarters in partnership with a local beekeeper. Our small contribution to the local biodiversity.
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Commitment No. 8: Acting with local partners

JURATOYS gets involved in the local economic fabric.

The JURATORYS group is the partner of the “Access Code School”; a programme operated by ONLINEFORMAPRO and located in the new digital campus of Lons-le-Saunier. It is a free training project - centred around digital professions - which is offered first and foremost to young people with little or no qualifications who live in the city’s educational districts.

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The commitments of the school and its director, Cyril Vallée, are in line with the JURATOYS values and philosophy:

  • The establishment of an “Access Code School” in Senegal, to make multimedia learning accessible in this area.
  • Holding classes each year for young students that are eager to learn more about multimedia.
  • Implementing digital training programmes for secondary-school pupils in France’s priority education networks (REP).
  • Creating end-of-year projects, intended to increase the internet visibility of local associations.

To this end, 14 budding developers will have to work on and meet the challenge set by Juratoys. This challenge involves creating a corporate social network for JURATORYS with an international reach, which should comprise, among other things, a social wall containing all the posts on global social networks.

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