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Balles dactivité Mon Ballon Chou

Tip No.1: Kaloo activity ball "My Cute ball"

Babies are born curious. Everything is new for them: sensations, sounds, movements, and much more. Therefore, these toys allow little ones to discover their environments in a gentle manner, thanks to the age-suitable accessories. The activity balls boast a variety of colours and materials to help develop baby’s sense of touch and motor skills. They are easy to grasp and feature multiple accessories to engage baby and satisfy their desire to explore.

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Tip No.2: Lilliputiens balls, playmats and nomadic toys

Growing up in its cocoon, baby communicates with the outside world through softness and playfulness. We have created toys with sizzling and crackling effects which reveal their subtleties over time. Playmats, balls and nomadic toys... an ideal, well thought-out birth gift for a budding researcher aged up to 12 months.

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