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Doudous marionnettes

Tip No.1: Kaloo puppet teddies

Puppet teddies are ideal for stimulating babies and allowing them to share precious bonding moments with their parents through fun stories. They are available in a range of different characters and boast ultra-soft materials. Furthermore, the puppets will be your baby’s best friend during the day yet provide them with tenderness and comfort at bedtime.

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Tip No.2: Lilliputiens hand puppets, rattles and cuddles

Growing up in its cocoon, baby communicates with the outside world through softness and playfulness. We have created toys with sizzling and crackling effects which reveal their subtleties over time. Hand puppets, rattles, cuddles... Ideal, well thought-out birth gifts for a budding researcher aged up to 12 months.

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Hochets et bracelets

Tip No.3: Kaloo rattles & bracelets

Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with rattles and bracelets from Kaloo, take them everywhere with you! Rattles, a traditional life accessory for little ones, help them to develop their fine motor development whilst having fun. Parents can share bonding moments with baby thanks to the “squeaker” which encourages them to copy the movement. Bracelets have a “rattle” component and also different materials and textures to explore...

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Tip No.4: Lilliputiens books

Reading time is special. Particularly when the evening story turns into an activity: reading, curling, zipping, ... Cloth book or cardboard book? As many flips and flaps as there are stories to discover. And as of what age can we let our child enjoy the benefits of reading? From the stimulation book to the bath book, discover colourful characters, sounds and materials to titillate the imagination of every child, whatever their age.

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