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Jouets à bascule porteurs et chariots

Tip No.1: Janod rockers, Ride-on & walkers

Developing balance is essential for learning how to walk properly. This is the primary role of toys such as rocking toys, ride-ons and other wagons. They let little ones build up their self-confidence to better comprehend the various postures that they must master. Rocking toys are available with and without hoops to provide optimal safety for children. Some of Janod's wagons are complemented by blocks so that babies can also develop their fine motor skills.

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Louise la licorne caline a tirer

Tip No.2: Lilliputiens pull along toys

Pull along toys accompany your child in his/her first steps. It gives your child more confidence in his/her ability.

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Jouets à promener et à pousser

Tip No.3: Janod Push & Pull toys

Little ones are endlessly amused by exploring things that roll, and when it is they who are initiating this movement, they find it even more motivating! Pull toys are ideally suited to helping babies learn to walk and fostering self-awareness of their body.

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Catégorie En Route 555x371

Tip No.4: Lilliputiens bags & accessories

Backpacking means being ready! To meet the demanding temperament of your backpackers, we have designed this sturdy luggage collection, with ergonomics and waterproofing commensurate for toddlers. We offer surprising travelling companions for them at the start of the nursery or primary school year or when travelling! Because every adventurer is a child at heart.

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Trains et véhicules

Tip No.5: Janod trains & vehicles

Make some room for small cars and train tracks! Children will use these wooden vehicles, small trains and rails to stage exciting stories of wild races and perilous stunts! From one play session to the next, children will develop their imagination and dexterity.

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Jeu de quilles Jungle

Tip No.6: Lilliputiens Bowling pins

An invigorating bowling game that little ones just love. Soft and colourful jungle/farm characters serve as pins and the ball has a rattle hidden inside for extra sensory stimulation.

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