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Puzzles sonores

Tip No.1: Janod musical puzzles

Sounds and music help toddlers to memorise and learn. Janod musical puzzles feature pins suited to the little hands of babies, enabling them to grab the pieces. They practise fitting objects into each other and develop their fine motor skills.

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Formes couleurs

Tip No.2: Janod shapes & colours

Recognising shapes and colours is the first thing little ones learn, making parents proud everywhere. To make memorisation easier, here is a selection of games that will enable children to easily acquire these notions.

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Tip No.3: Lilliputiens books

Reading time is special. Particularly when the evening story turns into an activity: reading, curling, zipping, ... Cloth book or cardboard book? As many flips and flaps as there are stories to discover. And as of what age can we let our child enjoy the benefits of reading? From the stimulation book to the bath book, discover colourful characters, sounds and materials to titillate the imagination of every child, whatever their age.

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Jouets musicaux

Tip No.4: Janod music toys

Develop your child's musical sensibilities with musical toys intended for toddlers aged 12 months and up. They start by listening and opening up to the various sounds, and then they get in on the act and want to make music themselves! Encourage them! Who knows? It just might be the start of a rock star life!

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Tip No.5: I'm exploring and I'm growing with Lilliputiens

Neither very small, nor yet quite big, between 12 months and 3 years old, your child is already curious about the World. He develops his motor skills, he learns to walk, he imitates, thinks, takes an interest... He refines his gestures by proudly brandishing his open-ended toys that make him autonomous. On the programme: create rituals, share them -- and have fun -- with new friends. We get caught up in the game of imitation, we invent and we learn in a playful way! Our toys, from dolls to outdoor games to learning boards, are ideal for girls and boys as of 2 years until 6.

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