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Manipulation encastrement

Tip No.1: Janod manipulation & stackers

It's time to set off for major discoveries! Babies' first games will be focused on the sense of touch. This is how they will explore the environment around them and make progress in terms of movement by improving accuracy. Janod manipulation and shape-sorting games let little ones become familiar with certain movements through colourful wooden toys with a fun, charming appearance. Moose, bear, penguin, duck... the cutest animals are all here! With toys to assemble, balance games and shapes to sort or stack, the types of manipulations are varied and always well thought out!

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Accessoires poupons et poupées

Tip No.2: Janod dolls & accessories...

For children who love to dote on their dolls, choose accessories to accompany babies throughout their very busy days! A stroll in the pushchair, a nap in a lovely cradle…. Before you know it, it's time for a meal in the highchair! Here is a selection of toys that are ideal for children overflowing with imagination!

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Catégorie Dolls 555x371

... or Lilliputiens dolls !

Discover all our fabric and colorful babies. They are suitable for each age and for our 36 cm babies (Noa, Lou and Rose), you will find many accessories!

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Trains et véhicules

Tip No.3: Janod trains & vehicles

Make some room for small cars and train tracks! Children will use these wooden vehicles, small trains and rails to stage exciting stories of wild races and perilous stunts! From one play session to the next, children will develop their imagination and dexterity.

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Catégorie Je Grandis 555x371

Tip No.4: Lilliputiens imagination & imitation toys

Now’s the time to want to act like the grown-ups! We all get caught up in the imitation game; we invent and learn in a fun way! Our toys - ranging from vehicles to Native American teepees and mini characters - are ideal for girls and boys aged 2 to 6 years.

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