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Cubes et pyramides

Tip No.1: Janod blocks & pyramids

Block manipulation is a very good exercise for little ones. It puts their fine motor skills to the test: succeeding in placing blocks on top of each other, stacking them higher and higher without making them all fall also calls on their logical abilities and patience. A game that can't be ignored!

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Catégorie Jungle Blocks 555x371

Tip No.2: Lilliputiens jungle blocks

Sustainable wooden blocks with jungle print for creative building. Stimulates the fine motor skills, creativity and abstract thinking abilities.

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Jouets magnétiques

Tip No.3: Janod magnetic games

Use magnetic games to develop your child's early learning and motor skills! From the earliest age, they will be very intrigued by magnetic phenomena! Janod has developed many games based on magnets that are both fun and educational. The parts attract each other, making it easier to build and learn. These toys serve to activate both children's imagination and ability to manipulate objects! These magnetic toys can be endlessly put together and taken apart. Some of the magnetic toys to try out include Funny Magnets and Kit Magnets!

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Trains et véhicules

Tip No.4: Janod trains & vehicles

Make some room for small cars and train tracks! Children will use these wooden vehicles, small trains and rails to stage exciting stories of wild races and perilous stunts! From one play session to the next, children will develop their imagination and dexterity.

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Stacking Pyramid Alice

Tip No.5: Lilliputiens pyramids

Cheerful stack pyramids to hone fine motor skills. Stack the components in a creative way. The different materials and colours stimulate the senses.

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Marius pyramide

Tip No.6: Lilliputiens Marius pyramid

Your baby will love to discover the Marius pyramid filled with different well known characters, shapes and colors. Through several little hide and seek places, your child will have a blast finding rattles and putting them back in a different space. This toy will help sharpen their hand-eye coordination by finding the right fit. It’s not just cute and amusing, it’s also very good for developing their motor skills.

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