Create unique envelopes

We have a lot of scrap paper lying around in our homes that can easily find a second life, especially when it comes to sending love notes with homemade templates for unique envelopes!

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Old magazines, newspapers, road maps... Let both your imagination and that of your children run wild!


Used envelopes
1 notebook or binder cover (plastic or cardboard)
Waste paper (A4 size minimum)
1 pair of scissors
1 pen

- Peel off the used envelope so that it lies flat to obtain a flat template. There are many different envelope formats... why not switch up the fun by creating multiple templates?

- Trace the outlines around the notebook or binder cover.

- Cut all around the outline and voilà, your template is ready!

- Unfold the inside double page of an old magazine, book or newspaper and place your template on it. Trace the outlines and then cut it out.

- Fold the envelope and glue the sides together to close it. If necessary, cut out a section of a blank piece of paper to provide the area upon which you will write your recipient's address.

Source: Kaizen magazine - Special issue 14, comment devenir autonome, tome 3 « zéro déchet de A à Z »