Innovate with your personnalised christhmas decorations

There are plenty of ideas for getting the family into the Christmas spirit.

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Window decorations

Forget about artificial snow bombs! Make way for chalk powder. Add a little water to the chalk powder to create an easily erasable paint. You can create stencils from old dividers or pieces of paper/cardboard that have been pre-cut into the shape of your choice. Apply the chalk powder with a sponge or brush.


Prefer the pretty light given off by homemade candles to electric Christmas lights. To do this, melt beeswax in a bain-marie. Soak a long piece of cotton string in the melted wax for 5 minutes. Before immersing the string, tie a weight at one end to keep the string straight. Use a pair of tongs to remove the string without burning yourself and pour the hot wax over the string held upright by two chopsticks in the container of your choosing. Add spices and orange peel if you wish. Leave to cool completely.


Make little balls from balls of yarn. You can felt them by running them under hot water and rubbing them with soap in a circular motion. Once dry, string the balls on a string like pearls, to create a snail shape. Thread your needle through the balls of the previous row, as you go, to secure them together. You can tighten everything at the end by weaving a thread between the balls on the reverse side.

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