Invent your homemade sounds or smells game

A fun and educational activity that can be played alone, in pairs or in groups, and makes use of unused plastic caps!

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Several ways to play:

  • Alone: let the child find the pairs and learn to correct themselves.
  • In pairs: a memory challenge
  • In groups: an awareness-raising and listening activity in which the caps are shared out amongst the children; they must then go in search of their pair by moving around their friends and shaking their little caps.

An olfactory alternative is to use fragrant elements and create a small pin hole through which the item can be smelt (e.g. spices, hay, aromatic herbs, dried flowers such as lavender, etc). Do not forget to enclose the element with a small piece of tape to preserve the fragrances.

  • Collect at least 16 water bottle caps or similar-style caps.
  • Gather seeds, cereals, etc.
  • Separate the caps into 4 groups of four that will become a pair.
  • In 2 of those caps, pour the same amount of seeds or cereals... If using semolina or rice, use a teaspoon to measure the amounts; when using bigger elements, physically count them.
  • Place one cap on top of another to form a box and tape them together.
  • Discreetly add an identical symbol beneath each pair with a permanent marker to serve as a marker during the games.

Source: Kaizen magazine - Special issue 14, comment devenir autonome, tome 3 « zéro déchet de A à Z »