Make your own alternative christmas tree

6 million... the number of Christmas trees sold each year in France during the month of December. They are farmed and treated with pesticides and fertilisers which negatively impact the ecosystem. That’s without mentioning the non-recyclable artificial plastic trees... Other alternatives do exist so you can get creative and have fun with the family!

Pexels pascal claivaz 732917
  • Use an indoor plant
  • Draw or paint one on a sheet
  • Arrange one using natural branches and twigs
  • Create one in the form of a hanging mobile
  • Make one from a pallet, reclaimed wood, driftwood, etc.
  • Or why not try scraps of assembled fabric?

In short, use your imagination and surprise your family!

Source: Ze Guide Famille presque zéro déchet - Jérémie Pichon, Bénédicte Moret