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Savon x2

Make surprise soaps from your soap scraps

Easily encourage your children to wash their hands, whilst adopting an anti-waste approach. It’s not as hard as you think!

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Potager x2

Grow vegetables from your leftovers

Some of the vegetables we eat are able to grow new shoots with just a little water and a bit of sunshine!

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Bonbon x2

Make natural product-based sweets

Sweets are still a popular children's treat yet are far from being good for them: excess sugar, artificial colours, animal-derived gelatine, flavour enhancers, perservatives, oher additives and more. Do we need to go on ? The solution is relatively straightforward: ban mass-produced sweets and maje your own homemade ones as a family.

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Eponge x2

Make your own 100% eco-friendly sponge

Synthetic sponges replaced natural sponges in our homes a long time ago. However, these petrochemical industry-produced products are not biodegradable and contribute to plastic pollution. Not only will your sponge not be recycled when you throw it away, but the plastic microparticles that shed during everyday use, end up straight in the oceans... and that’s without us even mentioning the chemical treatments!

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Cadeau x2

Zero-Waste gift wrap ideas

Wrapping gifts during the festive season? It can be a real dilemma in terms of waste. Tons of paper is thrown away after only being used for a few hours and some types can’t even be recycled (a thin layer of plastic is sandwiched between the two layers of paper, making it non-recyclable). Greener alternatives are available, such as Kraft paper or newspapers, but the best of all (and our favourite) is the Japanese fabric wrapping technique.

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Hotel insecte x2

Build your own insect hotel

A garden full of animals is a healthy garden! We all know how important bees and other pollinating insects are, yet unbeknownst to most, our garden is an ecosystem in its own right where every inhabitant has a role to play.

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Pate a sel x2

Make your own playdough

It is 100% natural, eco-friendly and safe: no plastic containers, dyes or toxic ingredients. Furthermore, it is harmless if swallowed.
Playdough is easy to make and a fun activity to do with the kids.

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Peinture naturelle x2

Paint with vegetables

Besides avoiding solvent and chemical additive exposure, creating your own vegetable-based paint means opting for safe materials from renewable natural resources. Just some examples are onion peels, spinach leaves and beetroot.

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Zero dechet x2

Opt for a Zero-Waste snack

Although it may be easier and more practical to opt for the classic pre-packed cake slices, it is not doing our children or beautiful planet any favours: packaging, overpackaging, plastic galore and not to mention the excess sugar, etc. What if a snack could be an unmissable opportunity to establish good eating habits?

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